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The South Carolina Anglican Communion Network

Who We Are!



Following the actions of the Episcopal Church USA on August 5, 2003, members of the laity from the Diocese of South Carolina approached Bishop Salmon expressing concern that the laity of the Diocese needed more information about the current crisis within the Episcopal Church and the worldwide Anglican Communion.  Bishop Salmon suggested a steering committee to organize informational meetings about the issues facing the Church.  This was the beginning of the South Carolina Anglican Communion Network (SC-ACN),  a laity organized group committed to the traditional teachings of the church and whose foundation is based on Scripture.


Almost a year has passed since the SC-ACN was organized and over six months since we held our first series of educational meetings throughout the Diocese of South Carolina.  We believe our new website will continue to answer your questions about our Church:


  • How the leadership of the Episcopal Church USA (ECUSA) has failed to uphold scripture as outlined in its constitution and canons and as articulated in Resolution B001. 

  • How contemporary culture has invaded the fabric of the Church and it's contribution to the current crisis.


  • How the Diocese of South Carolina and the worldwide Anglican Communion are responding to the revisionist teachings of the ECUSA.


  • The Anglican Communion Network and its witness to scripture as the foundation of the Church.


There may be additional reasons why you logged on, but before you log off it is important to know it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to educate not only yourself, but also every member of your family and parish about the crisis within the ECUSA and the Anglican Communion.  Read on, come back again, help us, help others as we work to bring Scripture back as the foundation of our Church.  ECUSA is your Church.  Do not leave it to someone else, there is too much at stake.


In the months ahead the SC-ACN will outline our plans to move beyond our recent educational meetings to missionary work within and outside the Diocese of South Carolina.  We are already building our laity organized Network.  Continue to visit us and e-mail us with your comments.

H. Clayton Burrous

Founding Chairman, SCACN Steering Committee

SCACN Steering Committee:

Bill Ervin, Darlington
Lydia Evans, Charleston
Ann Harrington, Charleston
Myron Harrington, Charleston
Cecil Kirkland, Charleston 

Eric Meace, Myrtle Beach
Jan Pringle, Beaufort
Ned Simmons, Folly Beach
Richard Thomasson, Charleston
George Wilson, Charleston

Everything You Need to Know
About the Anglican Communion Network

We are Faithful
We have resolved to be faithful to Jesus Christ, whatever the cost. We are committed to the "faith once delivered to the saints." We are faithful to the promises of Holy Scripture and the tenets of the Creeds. We are faithful as Anglican Christians. We are faithful to what the Episcopal Church has, at its best, always been - evangelical, catholic and charismatic.

We are United
We are currently twelve dioceses and six convocations stretching from coast to coast, border to border. Today Anglican Communion Network (ACN) dioceses and parishes count more than 160,000 Episcopal Christians in more than 1000 congregations, and the number of associated parishes grows weekly. We have received support from all over the Anglican Communion, including encouragement from the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams. Fourteen leaders of the international Anglican Communion, representing 75% of the world's 60 million Anglicans, have offered their recognition and pledged the full weight of their ministries to the Anglican Communion Network.

We are a Missionary Movement
We exist to bring the good news of Jesus Christ, as expressed in the Anglican tradition, both to those who have never heard it, and to those in our Church who have been given a "different gospel." We are committed to missionary work and church planting in North America and throughout the world. We especially seek to support the spiritually vibrant but materially poor ministries of our fellow Anglicans in the two-thirds world.

We invite your fellowship
Dioceses as well as individual parishes in non-ACN dioceses can associate with the ACN. Those in holy orders can also associate individually. Because we are "ecclesial" in nature rather than a membership organization, individual laity associate through their dioceses and parishes or by forming new congregations or fellowships. Our purpose is to serve as a link for all who wish to remain faithful to the historical faith and order of Anglicanism and connected to the entire Anglican Communion. Encourage your clergy or vestry leadership to contact us today to begin the process of affiliation with the ACN.

If You Have Questions About the SC Anglican Communion Network,
 Contanct Us At info@sc-acn.net

For More Information About the Network of Anglican Communion Diocese and Parishes,
 Visit the ACN Website at

-- Thank You Once Again For Taking the Time to Visit Us! --

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