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This library has been created with the laity in mind and for the purpose of making available some of the more informative and important documents bearing on the current controversy confronting Orthodox Episcopalians and the Anglican Communion. 

The following documents are available for downloading in PDF format .  You are invited to download documents for reading, contemplation, discussion, and prayer at your convenience and leisure.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, it is available for downloading free of charge. 
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Articles Offering Background & Perspective:
Chronology of Significant Events
John Shelby Spong's Call for a 'New Reformation'
A Senior Warden's Farewell Warning
The Episcopalian Preference
Equipping the Saints

Anglican Communion Documents:
1998 Lambeth Resolution on Human Sexuality
October 2003 Primates' Statement
Archbishop's Charge to Eames Commission
The Windsor Report
Dromantine Communiqué {February 2005}

ECUSA & Other Related Documents:
Resolution B001 {2003 ECUSA Convention}

Bishop Salmon on Robinson Consecration
Network Memorandum of Agreement
Network Theological Charter
Network Structural Charter
Pope's Message to Network - Plano I 2003
A Word to the Church - Salt Lake 2005

A Statement of Acceptance of & Submission to the Windsor Report
Statement of Anglican Common Cause Partners in North America
SC-ACN Response to the Dromantine Communiqué
Diocese of SC 2005 Convention Resolutions  
Camp Allen Covenant - March 2005
SC-ACN Response to the Camp Allen Covenant
A Word to the Church - Camp Allen 2005
Common Cause Partners Plan for the Future
ECUSA Executive Council Responds to Primates' Request to Withdraw from ACC
AAC Perspective on Executive Council's Response to Request to Withdraw
Bishop Duncan Comments on Executive Council's Response to Request
Anglican Communion Network Council Communiqué - April 2005
ACN Windsor Action Covenant
Diocese of New Westminster Response to the Windsor Report
Presentment Against Bishop Andrew Smith of Connecticut

1979 Book of Common Prayer
Constitution of the ECUSA
Constitution & Cannons of the Diocese of South Carolina
Constitution of the Church of the Holy Comforter, Sumter, South Carolina

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